Osiyan Historical Monuments


Oshan is an ancient town located 65 km north of Jodhpur Ochan is famous for Mahavira and Sachiya Mata temple having impressive world complexes where Hindus and Jains worship it is famous as home to the cluster of ruined Hindu and Jain temples from 12 century .it was an important the trading center between 8th and 12th century. Osiyan is a suitable place for Jeep Safari on sand dunes and camel safari and night camping among the tourist.

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The Mahavir temple is one of the oldest surviving Jain temples in western India. Its antiquity dates back to the 8th century in A.D.  783. Evidence suggests that Oshan is a very old settlement. Some of its early names are Uvaqsisala, Ukesa, and  Upkasapur –Pattana.

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The Mahavir temple contains the sculpture of inter twinned snakes. Mohammed Gher attacked the town in 1195 and most of the temples were destroyed.

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The next temple is a Jain temple which refers to Hindu and Jain account. The temples are dedicated to Mahavira, it faces the north and stands within a walled enclosure. The temple consists of a closed hall, a sencturn, a porch, and an ornamental arch (Toran).

The Nagar and surrounding region seem to have continued worship even after their conversion to Jainism and for this reason, they parallel worship of Hindu goddessesSachiya Mata by Oswal Jain community the Sachiya Mata temple is also old. The temple built by Uplav who is the brother of Raja Punj the son of the king ‘Bhimsen’.Many decorative features dedicated to ‘sachiya Mata’