Migratory birds near Jodhpur

Migratory birds -domesille crane

Khichan village is 140 kilometers away from Jodhpur in phalodi tahsil the climate of Rajasthan. It’s about 3 hours of road distance travel .khichan village is favorable to the migratory birds in the winter season for a large number of Demoiselle cranes and other bird species. The name of domicile crane in the Marwar region is khurja .

Demoiselle crane

They mostly come near the small ponds. Demoiselle cranes are found in Central Europe Siberia Mongolia North Eastern China Siberia Arabia and Arctic region. In the winter season, it becomes a bird lover paradise for bird watchers and bird photographers. Every year more than 150 species of migratory birds all over the world reach near the ponds of villages near Rajasthan to escape the severe winter of their habitat.

Demoiselle cranes

The birds start arriving at the start of august and stay to the middle of the march they stay here all the winter and grow their numbers and start returning in mid of March. In 1970 a local couple name Ratanlal  malu and his wife started feeding pigeons and a dozen Demoiselle cranes also joined them with time their number increases

Demoiselle cranes

The world crane Foundation has declared Khichan village as a world heritage site. To reach Rajasthan the region they have to fly all over the Himalayan Mountains at an altitude of around 16000 to 26000 feet.

The road drive of kitchen village from Delhi is around 700 kilometers along with kurja lots of other birds species like Punjab raven, rosy starling, Eurasian griffon, vulture, white pelican reaches this region in winter.